Register now: NIQ Bartender Report uncovers emerging trends in on-premise

February 20, 2024
By Cody Profaca

CGA by NIQ, a leading international data & insight consultancy agency, is hosting a free webinar this Thursday morning. The webinar, hosted by James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ, will provide a thorough analysis into current and emerging trends in Australia’s on-premise trade. 

“The webinar itself really came out of some work we’re doing around bartenders globally,” said Phillips.

“So we run a survey called the Global Bartender Report across a number of markets with Australia being one of them, and within that Global Bartender Report, we looked at responses from 150 industry experts such as bartenders, venue managers, operators, and venue owners to get a sense of what their challenges are right now, what they’re thinking about, what’s new and trending and, [what] they’re looking at from an on premise perspective.

“So hopefully the attendees will get a bit of insight into what broadly bartenders are saying about the state of the on premise.”

The webinar will also include insights from its four panel members: Fever-Tree’s Trish Brew, Moet Hennessey’s Alex Zanarini, Osbourne Hotel Venue Manager Ashley Nash, and Four Pillars Creative Director of Drinks Nick Tesar. 

“What we hope is each of those panelists that is attending – the venue manager and the brand ambassadors – they’ll give some really unique insight, and qualitative insight, into what they’re seeing right now,” said Phillips. 

The webinar will focus on key subcategories such as the role of the bartender and their use of media, trends related to innovation,  and developing trade and supplier relationships. 

“The really interesting one that we sort of tie it all up with is essentially around supplier relationships,” said Phillips.

“97% of [bartenders] surveyed agreed that the relationship with suppliers and distributors is extremely necessary for success at the bar.

“They need to have a strong relationship. That means the venue can come to them when they need help, by providing things like training and support for staff, to really make the sort of success of that venue long term.”

CGA, a research agency that has been in operation since the early 1990’s, was acquired by Nielsen IQ in June 2022. 

“The acquisition came at a point in time when Nielsen IQ is really looking to expand its coverage across different markets, channels, categories, and what it has allowed Nielsen to do is really create more coverage from a liquor perspective and provide what we call the ‘full view’ of the consumer.”

The Last Call webinar will take place this Thursday 22-02 from 9:00 to 10:00. For more details visit the event’s information page. Free registration is available via the following link.

The webinar will be hosted by James Phillips, NIQ Client Solutions Director, Total Liquor ANZ

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