PATRÓN releases PATRÓN EL CIELO Tequila, a world-first four-times distilled tequila

November 13, 2023
By Melissa Parker

PATRÓN is redefining the world of prestige tequila with its latest addition, PATRÓN EL CIELO’s, a four-times distilled tequila, marking a world-first in the spirits industry.

This innovation in silver tequila unlocks the natural sweetness of agave to deliver a smoother finish and designed to enjoy over ice with a slice of orange.

Kathy Parker, Global Chief Marketing Officer at PATRÓN, said, ” PATRÓN EL CIELO’s radiantly smooth character offers a unique experience for tequila enthusiasts, boasting an impressively rare, naturally sweet taste. By employing a fourth distillation in the production of our iconic Silver tequila, we’ve introduced an unprecedented prestige tequila to the market—a true industry first. Master Distiller David Rodriguez and his team pushed the boundaries with this distinctive process. Crafting tequila with enhanced complexity without compromising on flavour requires extraordinary skill, and we take immense pride in this bold innovation.”

Crafted from 100% natural, top-tier ingredients—Weber Blue agave, water, and yeast—PATRÓN EL CIELO is produced in small batches to ensure unwavering consistency and quality.

Created from a distinctive distillation process utilizing the smallest copper pot still and quality-tested through 150 tasting sessions, the new tequila exhibits exceptional smoothness and flavour.

David Rodriguez, PATRÓN Master Distiller, shared, “For the first time, we’ve introduced a prestige tequila with a fourth distillation—a practice exceptionally rare in the industry—using the smallest copper pot still at Hacienda PATRÓN. Contrary to common misconceptions, adding another distillation stage did not dilute the flavour in the case of PATRÓN EL CIELO. At PATRÓN, our mission is to attain perfection in every drop. Through this unique, four-time distillation process, we’ve harnessed the natural sweetness and smoothness of the agave, delivering an incredibly sweet and light tequila.”

The tequila is presented in an elegant glass bottle adorned with gold designs inspired by the volcanic tahona stone used in PATRÓN Tequila production, with other elements drawing inspiration from the agave fields and the luminosity found in PATRÓN’s homeland, the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico.

PATRÓN EL CIELO is available in select venues across Australia and at Dan Murphy’s and Vintage Cellars locations nationwide, RRP $300.

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