On the ground at Vinexpo Asia: Highlights from Day Three 

May 31, 2024
By Cody Profaca

The final day of Vinexpo Asia 2024 brought with it a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. Most of the important conversations and deals had been made, and so many exhibitors and buyers alike were taking the opportunity to learn by talking to producers and regions they may not have worked with before.

Most of the Australian producers Drinks Trade staff spoke to reflected that their week had been dominated by a mix of reconnecting with old clients and laying the groundwork for new relationships. 

According to Darenberg’s Chester Osborn, “there was certainly the traditional people we’re working with, but there was a lot of potential, a lot of people who we’ve never met before who are pretty respectable, serious buyers in China that are interested in talking to us and getting some wine, but we’ll find out as we talk to them and see. But yeah, it’s been a really, really successful affair for us.”

Vinexposium’s CEO Rodolphe Lameyse said that, out of the 14,203 visitors to Vinexpo Asia 2024, more than 80% came from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

“The turnout has been massive… those three countries, those three areas, represent more than 80% of the visitorship today,” he said.

“What we hope from this turnout is, of course, to resume the activity with the trade, which is a question mark at the moment. Feedback from our exhibitors or buyers is, ok, let’s talk again, let’s taste, let’s discuss price, let’s discuss volume, but it doesn’t mean commitment yet.”

While China was a resounding focus amongst all exhibitors present, and especially amongst those from Australia, not every exhibitor experienced the rush of Chinese buyers raised by the Lameyse. This includes Chateau Tanunda’s proprietor John Geber saying “I think all of us are a bit surprised there are not as many Chinese here as we thought. I think it’s a bit more subdued.”

Lameyse added: “It’s a work in progress, but that’s ok. If you want to resume the activity, you have to start somewhere.”

Day three also included a mix of masterclasses and panels. This included a Grenache deep dive by South Australian Wine, an ode to the diversity of Victorian wine production by Wine Victoria, and a look at the cool climate production by Adelaide Hills Wine, all forming part of Wine Australia’s program.

Vinexpo’s Academy Program built upon this with masterclasses on aspects of Chinese wine, advice on selling wine in a crowded market, a look into India’s wine market, and more.

“Our 2024 edition continued the Vinexpo Academy’s legacy of developing expertise, encouraging innovation, and promoting excellence, and of course, adding value to the Vinexpo experience,” said Vinexposium’s CEO Rodolphe Lameyse. 

“We believe we have delivered what our industry needs to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the fast developing-Asia market.”

Being the final day, day three also incited many discussions around the continued importance of trade show events such as Vinexpo. 

“If you want to resume the activity, you have to start somewhere… you can’t do everything just around the dinner. You need at some point to sit together, work, work, work, and this is the purpose of a trade show,” said Rodolphe Lameyse in a speech to media. 

“The second element, the second interest of this trade show is that this is an opportunity to look for different kinds of products. Because we never forget one thing, the trade buyers, they buy wine because they want to sell wine, so, it’s not a meeting between buyers and sellers. It’s between seller and seller: I’m buying what I think I will sell. So, it’s not me, my personal interest, I’m not buying for my own sake, I’m buying for my market.”

Vinexpo Asia 2024 attracted a total of 14,203 visitors over the course of its three days, reflecting the high value of the event to the global wine trade. 1,032 individual producers were present on the floor, heralding from 35 different countries.

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