Naked Life goes large

June 20, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Naked Life’s award-winning, non-alcoholic cocktails range has sold 2.5 million cans in the past 7 months and now the category leader is launching a premium range of non-alcoholic spirits in 700ml bottle varieties.

The range of seven spirits, including a London Dry, Italian Aperitivo, Veneto Spritz, Tennessee Malt, Scottish Malt, Caribbean Blanco and Caribbean Spiced has been expertly crafted to deliver unparalleled authenticity in flavour combinations with distilled botanicals for a classic cocktail experience.

“We have always pushed category innovation and expansion at Naked Life Spirits, it’s part of our DNA” says founder and CEO, David Andrew.

“We are incredibly proud to now offer what we see as the primary leading alternative to traditional spirits; refusing to compromise taste with non-alcoholic spirits crafted with real distilled botanicals and providing a healthier alternative with less than 33 calories per serve and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.”

In off-premise, Naked Life boasts a 60 per cent share of the non-alcohol ready-to-drink cocktail market in grocery (according to recent Quantium P26W ending 05.04.22 data) and says that it wants to bring a unique mixology experience to homes around Australia.

“With the addition of our Non-Alcoholic Spirits in bottles, we are solidifying our portfolio to serve every type of venue as well as consumer. The Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails will soon expand from 11 to 15 SKUs and are ideal for ease of serving and consistency in quality for in-venue dining or social venues or at one’s home, whilst the Non-Alcoholic Spirits are the ideal answer to any mixology needs,” said Mr Andrew.

Naked Life Spirits latest announcement echoes the recent IWSR forecasts that show that no- and low-alcohol consumption in Australia with grow by +16% from 2020 to 2024.

As an Australian made and owned brand, Naked Life attributes its success to being able to readily answer the demands of the local consumer, such as the need for a non-alcoholic drink that looks and tastes like an alcoholic drink.

“Our award-winning range of cocktails has rapidly gained market leadership in the RTD sector in retail and a recent survey amongst current drinkers as well as non-drinkers indicated they trust Naked Life the most amongst their key competitors, with 60 per cent of female consumers indicating Naked Life as the most trusted brand’,said Mr Andrew. 

This latest product addition creates your venue’s non-alcoholic portfolio, covering the most popular cocktails through to a ready-to-drink dine-in or take-away range. The full range is available from First Choice stores nationwide from June, through Craft Revolution distributors and direct to consumer via

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