Mighty Craft welcomes Grant Peck to navigate turnaround

November 29, 2023
By Melissa Parker

In a strategic move, Australian spirits and beer company Mighty Craft has appointed Grant Peck, a seasoned beverage industry veteran, as its Non-Executive Chair. The decision comes in the aftermath of the unsuccessful re-election of the previous chair, Chris Malcolm, earlier this month.

Grant Peck brings over three decades of experience in the beverage sector, having commenced his journey as a financial director at Australia’s Lion in 1991. Notably, he served as CEO of health and beauty product supplier McPherson’s, showcasing his versatile leadership in various financial roles over the years.

The company, under Peck’s guidance, aims to undertake a significant turnaround. Addressing the challenges ahead, Peck acknowledged the progress made by the team in redefining Mighty Craft. He emphasized the need for swift action to reposition the business, recognizing the collective effort required with shareholders, stakeholders, and customers.

Having held leadership roles with prominent brands like Lion Nathan and Foster’s Group, Peck is a Chartered Accountant with extensive CFO experience, including roles with CUB and Beringer Blass. His expertise extends to managing supply chains and overseeing smaller enterprises, such as Sunny Ridge Farms.

Peck’s most recent role as CEO of McPherson’s Limited further adds to his comprehensive understanding of the industry. His appointment comes at a crucial juncture, and he expressed enthusiasm about joining the Mighty Craft team.

Katie McNamara, the Managing Director of Mighty Craft, hailed Peck’s appointment as a significant asset. She highlighted his substantial experience in both executive and board positions within beverage companies, emphasizing the value he brings to Mighty Craft during this pivotal period. As the company charts its course for a turnaround, Grant Peck’s wealth of experience positions him as a key figure in steering Mighty Craft towards success.

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