‘Making the Moment Mean More’

January 22, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Australasian industry leader Lion has announced their new company purpose of ‘Making The Moment Mean More.’ 

As outlined in an online statement, the new guiding philosophy will serve as a “rallying call” to create the future of Lion, whilst also serving as a “powerful reminder” of what Lion has stood for throughout its 180+ years of history. 

The company has defined its new purpose in terms of its three included pillars:

‘Making’ celebrates what Lion has mastered since the beginning, including its extensive experience in brewing, distilling, innovating new products, and crafting global brands.

‘The Moment’ refers to the end-goal behind every decision made by Lion: it is the moment Lion’s hard work is shared and enjoyed by its target audience, the consumer. 

Making a moment ‘Mean More’ is about wholistic company dedication to enhancing and enriching every moment that involves a Lion product. 

In its statement, Lion reflects on moments as being truly quintessential to our industry, stating that its primary company purpose is to make its moments “mean that little bit more.”

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