Is this the best beer ad of the year?

April 30, 2019
By Alana House

Steinlager Tokyo Dry has might just have won the year in drinks advertising with its new ad.

The brand has partnered with Kiwi composer and producer, Cam Ballantyne, to recreate Dave Dobbyn’s 1986 no. 1 hit ‘Slice of Heaven’ in a uniquely Japanese way.

Featuring an arrangement of contemporary and traditional sounds from Karaoke, J-Pop, and Electropop to the traditional instruments of Shamisen and Taiko drums, the track is fresh and modern but still undeniably recognisable as the Kiwi hit.

Brand Manager Kate Abercrombie said: “It’s been incredible to take on one of New Zealand’s unofficial anthems and remake it in a way that presents it in a new and exciting form. This track perfectly embodies Steinlager Tokyo Dry – where New Zealand raw ingredients meet brilliant Japanese mastery.”

The ad was created by DDB New Zealand.

DDB chief creative officer Damon Stapleton said: “Slice of Heaven is an unmistakable Kiwi classic that still conjures so much feel-good, sing-a-long enthusiasm from New Zealanders young and old. We loved the idea of taking something so iconic and recreating it in a modern, Japanese way, just like Steinlager did when it launched Tokyo Dry.”

Dobbyn added: “When I wrote the lyrics ‘da da da’ I never imagined them to be some of the best lyrics I’d ever written, and that 33 years later Slice of Heaven would still be so catchy and recreated in this way. I’m impressed with how all the sounds have come together!”

Dave Pearce, brand director of domestic beer & craft at Steinlager, noted: “It’s been a lot of fun to take a tune that’s ingrained in all our minds and remake it in a way that presents it in a new and exciting form. Shooting the campaign in Tokyo allowed the team to do this in a really authentic, interesting way, and we had some great Japanese talent to work with to make this possible. This track perfectly embodies Tokyo Dry.”

Watch the ad below:

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