Is this proof grenache has finally come of age?

October 20, 2017
By Alana House

Turkey Flat Vineyards Grenache has won the coveted Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy at the 2017 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards.

It’s the first time the variety has taken out the prestigious trophy.

Turkey Flat expressed its delight at the win, saying: “Absolutely honoured. Tonight we have made history, becoming the first Grenache to be awarded the prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy in its long history. We are extraordinarily proud of this varietal and its place in the Barossa Valley. This is a momentous occasion for us and the future of Grenache.”

It also congratulated winemaker Mark Bulman (pictured above): “Mark makes no secret of his love for Grenache, so this win is particularly sweet. Congratulations Mark- we’re so proud of your work!”

Grenache also recently took out the top award at two major South Australia wine shows – Bethany 2016 Grenache won at the Barossa Wine Show, while Shingleback’s grenache-led 2016 GSM triumphed at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show.

The Adelaide Advertiser’s Corrina Wright wrote an article last month – “Why grenache is having a renaissance”- which noted: “We have a saying locally (block your ears, Pinotphiles) that “Grenache delivers what Pinot promises!”

She adds: “Grenache pushes a winemaker to their limits. Maybe that is why we love it so much. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but shiraz is pretty easy to make. Grenache needs much more attention and love throughout the winemaking process to encourage its finer, more ethereal, characters to blossom. A thinking winemaker’s wine.”

Congratulations Turkey Flat!


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