Heaps Normal release limited-edition non-alcoholic Coffee Run Stout

May 25, 2023
By Rachel White

Brewed in partnership with Newcastle’s Floozy Coffee Roasters, Heaps Normal’s new Coffee Run Stout will be available at selected retailers, bottleshops and venues today. 

Newcastle’s ‘Bean Queen’ Kristy ‘Kmac’ Mujana from Floozy Coffee Roasters

Andy Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Heaps Normal, said he’s excited to launch this new product, which is a combination of two of Australia’s favourite drinks.

“We’re stoked to launch this delicious new beer, infused with coffee roasted in Newy. The Coffee Run Stout is a light-hearted play on combining two of our favourite drinking occasions – late night beers and early morning coffees. 

Let’s face it, sometimes these moments can bleed into one another. So we put them in a can. It’s a coffee that can be drunk at any time of the night. Or is it a beer that can be drunk at any time of the morning? You decide,” he said.

Newcastle’s ‘Bean Queen’ Kristy ‘Kmac’ Mujana from Floozy Coffee Roasters said the collaboration was a natural fit for both parties as she’s had Heaps Normal’s Another Lager in her fridge for months and was excited to find out the Heaps Normal team had Floozy Coffee in their office.  

“I’m super excited about this special release brew because I’m a dark beer drinker and a non-alcoholic beer drinker. It’s so exciting to be able to collaborate with a company that I admire and come up with a product that brings all of our joint values together,” she said. 

Offering the best of both worlds without the drawbacks, the Coffee Run Stout contains all the roast malt sweetness and hoppy bitterness of a full-strength brew without the alcohol, along with the added depth of flavour from Floozy’s pineapple, cherry and dulce de leche-forward Golden Hour bean blend. Each can contains about a fifth of the caffeine of a standard espresso. 

The launch of the Coffee Run Stout will be accompanied by a series of interviews with creatives from around Australia who are creating their own normal, including Kmac, Dash Rumble from Canberra’s Such and Such, the female-led team behind Footscray’s Migrant Coffee and Heaps Normal’s very own Production Manager, Charlotte Richards. 

“Cold brew made from Floozy’s Golden Hour beans was just what this malty stout called for,” said Richards. “We reckon we’ve created a perfectly normal drink for any time of the day, for any type of person who just needs a bloody delicious pep in their step.” 

The new brew is Heaps Normal’s second limited edition brew and adds to Heaps Normal’s core range of the Quiet XPA, Another Lager and Half Day Hazy. 

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