Hahn Ultra Zero Carb Launches with Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin’s help

July 5, 2024
By Ashley Pini

The latest innovation from Hahn is set to take the Australian beer market by storm with the release of Hahn Ultra Zero Carb*. Hahn has enlisted the help of Sydney Swans and Hawthorn legend, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin to encourage consumers to “Kick Carbs, Not Beer”.

Lion announced the national release of Hahn Ultra Zero Carb* today (Friday July 5) which is the brand’s first zero carb* beer, promising to not compromise on great taste. Boasting zero carbs* and only 87 calories per bottle, Hahn Ultra Zero Carb* is the first beer being introduced as part of Lion’s brand new ‘Ultra Category’ which will soon comprise a range of zero carb* beers.

This new beer perfectly caters to the growing sector of consumers seeking mindful choices without giving up on flavour. The shift in preferences for lighter and less filling alcohol options is due to Australians (two thirds) feeling they’ve become fitter and more mindful in their lifestyle over the last 5-10 years.

Sammy Russo, Hahn Marketing Manager – Lion Australia said: “Marking Lion’s first innovation in its new Ultra category, we’re so proud to be launching a zero carb* beer within Hahn’s existing low carb portfolio. As a brand that connects with social sport enthusiasts, I can’t think of a better way to bring this product to life than via one of the best kickers in Aus – Buddy Franklin, who figuratively and literally will “Kick Carbs, Not Beer” with Hahn Ultra Zero Carb.”

“Hahn has recently come in as the highest placed beer in the [Drinks Trade] Hottest Brands List for 2024, contributing $56 million of growth to Australia’s liquor sectors throughout the course of 2023 alone. With the launch of Hahn Ultra Zero Carb* beer, we anticipate continued expansion and success for the Hahn brand, as we cater to the evolving preferences of our conscious consumers.”

Set to be one of Lion’s most significant launches this year, Hahn Ultra Zero Carb serves a delicious balance of flavours that is low in calories. Without giving up the full beer taste, the beer profile result is a perfect balance of flavour and easy drinking crispness, with zero carbs* and low bitterness. It’s designed for those who want the classic taste of beer but want to reduce their carbohydrate and calorie intake.

Buddy Franklin, AFL legend added: “It’s been epic to lace up the boots again for this partnership with Hahn, not to kick footies but to give carbs the boot. While kicking footies has always come naturally to me, kicking carbs can be a little tricker which is why it’s so good that the experts at Hahn have managed to create a delicious beer that not only tastes great but has zero carbs* – how good.”

Hahn Ultra Zero Carb is now available nationwide in major liquor retailers.

*<0.5g carbs per bottle serve.

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