Grand Marnier Quintessence

July 9, 2024
By Cody Profaca

Grand Marnier has announced the Australian launch of its Quintessence cognac, an ultra-exclusive French cognac that forms part of Campari Group’s RARE portfolio. 

The Grande Cuvée Quintessence liqueur is crafted using the oldest family reserves available to the company, sourced from 11 selected barrels. This includes Hors D’âge cognacs up to 70 years old from Grande Champagne, two barrels from 1947, and three demijohns from the cellar’s Paradis believed to be even older. 

Every bottle of Quintessence is bottled in a hand-crafted Baccarat drop-shaped decanter which is partnered with an etched podium facilitating easy display. The roundness of the base is designed to fit in the hollow of a hand.

Currently, only two bottles of Grand Marnier Quintessence have been made available in Australia, each retailing at $5,600 per bottle. These can be purchased now via Campari’s House of RARE website.

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