Four Pillars and Stone & Wood appoint new agency to shape digital growth

August 25, 2023
By Rachel White

Four Pillars and Stone & Wood, both owned by Lion Australia, have appointed Elephant Room, a leading Australian e-commerce performance agency, to manage their next-phase digital growth.

The new contracts will see Elephant Room undertaking a total migration, rebuild and redesign of both companies’ digital offerings on Shopify Plus, including an overhaul of their CRM across membership, loyalty, gifting and retention marketing.

Adam Sharon-Zipser, Managing Director of Elephant Room, said the team at Elephant Room is excited to be in charge of the digital transformation of two iconic Australian drinks companies.

“We’re incredibly proud to support these iconic Australian liquor brands in their digital transformation journey. We demonstrated out-of-the-box ideas around digital transformation, particularly how technology could facilitate showcasing the brand narrative while enhancing the customer’s purchasing journey.

“There is an emerging category for experience and content-led retail brands in Australia, and we’re confident both Stone & Wood and Four Pillars are leading the pack. We’re excited to work with both to create a strong customer experience with a modern technology stack, powered by Shopify and marketing automation platform Klaviyo,” he said.

Kelly Powell, Brand Experience Executive at Stone & Wood, said: “We are thrilled to be working with the team from Elephant Room. From the outset, we were impressed with Elephant Room’s deep understanding of our brand and their ideas for transforming our digital platforms. We look forward to working with them to improve our digital offering and customer experience.”

Jemma Blanch, Marketing Director at Four Pillars, said the pitch from Elephant Room shows the agency clearly understands the need to harness Four Pillars’ storytelling legacy.

“The team presented ideas that genuinely understood and embraced our brand’s history while also showing how technology can take our brand narrative to the next level. We’re excited to see how Elephant Room’s innovation can transform the digital journey for our customers, wholesalers and visitors,” she said.

Featured image: Adam Sharon-Zipser and Matthew Ding from Elephant Room.

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