Father and Son Join Forces at the Helm of the Wild Turkey Distillery

February 5, 2015
By Alana House

Associate Distiller Eddie Russell has been promoted to Master Distiller at Wild Turkey.

Eddie will work along side current Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, who he will also share the title with.

Commenting on Eddie’s promotion, his father Jimmy said: “After 34 years, I think he’s finally earned it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go any easier on him – or that I’m going anywhere anytime soon. Eddie and I will work side by side as the industry’s only father/son Master Distillers.

“When Eddie began working at the distillery, I made him do every job there was, even cutting the grass, so the other employees wouldn’t think I was showing him

favouritism. I was probably a lot harder on him than I needed to be, but it was all to help him get to this very special moment today.”

Eddie’s first creation in his new role as Master Distiller will be released later this year. Wild Turkey will also be releasing a new Russell’s Reserve expression in 2015, which has been produced by Eddie and Jimmy together.

Wild Turkey is distributed by Campari in Australia.

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