Every Brown Family Wine Group vineyard and winery is now sustainably certified

February 28, 2024
By Cody Profaca

The Brown Family Wine Group has announced that all of its vineyard and winery sites are now certified as sustainable in accordance to the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia scheme (SWA) following the recent certification of its Milawa, Banksdale, and Mystic Park sites. 

“We can confirm that all company vineyards and wineries are now certified sustainable under the Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice,” said Brett McClen, Head of Viticulture and Sustainability at Brown Family Wine Group. 

“This certification is a significant milestone in our sustainability journey, and we are incredibly proud of it.”

Brown Family Wine Group’s Tasmanian, Heathcote, and select Milawa and Launceston sites already achieved the SWA certification last year

In addition, its Devil’s Corner brand has obtained further recognition for its efforts towards sustainability by receiving the Innovation and Transformation Award at the 2024 East Coast Tasmania Tourism (ECCT) Recognition Awards for innovative water management solutions. The Tasmanian winery has implemented a water treatment plant that uses dam water across both its vineyard and cellar door. More than just a solution to Australia’s finite water supplies, it also reduced the need for frequent water freight.

“During my brief tenure at Brown Family Wine Group I have been genuinely inspired by the immense commitment shown towards sustainability in both our viticulture and winemaking practices,” said Cameron MacFarlane, Brown Family Wine Group’s recently appointed CEO.

MacFarlane joined the Group in November last year, bringing with him 23 years of experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector including a significant period in the alcohol industry.

“Moving forward we plan to further build on these achievements across the company,” he said.

“Brown Family Wine Group is a pioneering force in the industry; a business with a deep history, an impressively strong brand portfolio, a talented team, and an enviable reputation for innovation and culture. It is incredibly exciting to lead the business into its next growth phase”

The Brown Family Wine Group includes iconic Australian brands such as Brown Brothers, Devil’s Corner, Tamar Ridge, Pirie and Innocent Bystander. Its diverse portfolio allows it to cater to a large variety of demographics, ranging right from its award winning Pirie Vintage sparkling that appeals to more experienced wine consumers to its recent Adore Beauty Gift Cards promotion appealing that appealed to a contrasting demographic. 

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