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Wild Turkey “Spirit of the Wild” weekend

The latest instalment of Wild Turkey’s ‘Spirit of the Wild’ series saw the brand host a weekend camping trip in the scenic Glenworth Valley.

Surrounded by lush rainforest the immersive experience encouraged guests including Drinks Trade to reconnect with their wild spirit.

Situated just an hour outside of Sydney through towering eucalyptus trees and spectacular rock formations, guests descend into the valley and arrived at a 3000-acre property surrounded by national parks.

Brand Ambassador Tristram Royce Lilburne-Fini had a selection of campfire cocktails at the ready, inspired by native ingredients.

A BBQ smoking workshop followed, where guests learned a list of simple recipes incorporating local ingredients and Wild Turkey 101, and a crash course on how to build a smoker from scratch.

Keeping with the theme, founders Chris and Cam Grant of Unyoked, a unique off the grid experience crafted to provide temporary freedom from the concrete jungle, discussed the importance of disconnecting from a busy workday and reconnecting with nature.

The pair said: “We were excited to team up with the series, it aligns with what we are trying to promote, encouraging people to get out in nature … even just a few hours in nature has shown to help alleviate stress and boost energy levels.”

For dinner, guests were treated to a three-course meal prepared by Darren Robertson of the Three Blue Ducks, which incorporated locally sourced ingredients including Australian venison, sustainably grown fish, and chicken from his Byron Bay farm.

As a strong proponent of sustainability and fresh produce, Robertson said: “It’s been a pleasure to team up with Wild Turkey to help inspire and educate people about real ingredients and real food.”

Around a campfire with marshmallows and cocktails, highlighting the series as a true reflection of the origins of Wild Turkey, Lilburne-Fini shared a brief history of the brand, outlining the brand’s processing, non-GMO grains, natural ingredients and how a distillery executive’s wild turkey hunting trip inspired the brands creation.