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Mr Black Single Origin launch

Mr Black celebrated the launch of its new product line, Single Origin, with intimate after-hours drinks at Sydney’s Regiment Coffee Bar.

The Single Origin series celebrates the terroir of top coffee growing regions from around the world and kicks off with a special coffee from Colombia. It uses ‘honey’ processed beans, nurtured by Luis Anibal of Finca Villa Betulia, near Huila in Colombia.

The specifically selected Colombian coffee experiences light natural fermentation before processing, giving it what Mr Black Co-Founder Tom Baker describes as a “little natural coffee funk, balanced with notes of figs, chocolate, and dark berries.”

The special edition represents the lighter side of the coffee spectrum when compared to Mr Black’s now ubiquitous coffee liqueur; renowned for its robust dark chocolate, caramel and citrus flavour.

How do you drink it? According to Mr Black Global Coffee Ambassador, Martin Hudák – who was on hand to introduce the liqueur at Regiment Coffee Bar – the new Single Origin Colombia is best enjoyed neat or over ice.

“This coffee liqueur is really special – Luis and his family are incredibly passionate about what they do and the results show,” he said. “To pick up the complex aromas & flavours, I’d encourage people to try it by itself. Not to say that won’t inspire you to make a drink with complementary flavors – I put it in a delicious Old Fashioned style cocktail with sweet vermouth and dark rum.”