Ease into spring with Brown Brothers’ light & ultra low Sparkling

September 9, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Australia’s leading Prosecco producer from the King Valley, Brown Brothers, has added to its impressive Prosecco portfolio with Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low.

Appealing to the sober-curious market without compromising on taste or quality, Prosecco Ultra Low has the full flavour of Prosecco at just 0.5 per cent alc/vol – that’s just half a standard drink per bottle.

Brown Brothers created the drink in response to overwhelming research that shows Australians are increasingly seeking ways to moderate their alcohol intake and lead healthier lives.

Emma Brown, Brown Brothers Marketing Manager and fourth generation Brown family says, “With consumer preferences changing we cannot ignore alcohol moderation but embrace it with new and innovative products that meet consumer trends.”

The largest barrier to entry for no/low alcohol wines is shoppers’ concerns about taste and quality. Brown is confident Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low will meet all expectations for Prosecco lovers.

“At Brown Brothers we set extremely high benchmarks around the taste and quality of our products and Prosecco Ultra Low is no exception,” said Ms Brown.

Made using premium Prosecco put through spinning-cone technology to remove the alcohol, Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low delivers the same vibrant and flavoursome taste of Prosecco, with less than one standard drink per bottle.

“The minimal amount of alcohol helps to create mouthfeel and flavour which has been missing in the category to date,” says Ms Brown.

Honouring the traditional flavours of Australia’s favourite Prosecco, the new Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is zesty and bright with classic notes of crisp apple and pear.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low is a gamechanger for those dreaming of a light, bright, and ultra low sparkling wine without compromising on taste. To find out more go to www.brownbrothers.com.au.

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