Drink a Paloma, plant an Agave in Mexico

September 17, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

We are at the mid-point of Tequila Tromba’s annual celebration of the Paloma cocktail, International Paloma Appreciation Week (IPAW) which actually is running for a fortnight this year.

In its sixth year, IPAW not only celebrates the culture of Mexico, but this year, every Tromba Paloma enjoyed also supports the protection of one of Mexico’s most important agricultural gems – the Agave.

​Often living in the shadow of the world-famous margarita, the Paloma cocktail is itself a Mexican classic, and IPAW is a nod to this, providing some well-deserved recognition and celebration of this delicious tequila drink.

For every Paloma or bottle of tequila purchased globally, Tequila Tromba is not only donating land, but also planting wild Agave via its Endangered Agave Program (EAP), dedicated to restoring endangered Agave populations, many of which are being destroyed to create corporate farmland.

Australian Nick Reid, one of the Co-founders of Tromba, and based in Mexico, instigated the EAP and owns the wildly popular tequila bar, El Gallo Altanero in Guadalajara, Mexico (named in the World’s 50 Best Discovery list). 

So every drink containing Tromba purchased until 26 September contributes to replanting endangered wild agave populations in Mexico – which we all need to keep sippin on our favourite tequila drinks! 

Here is where to get your hands on a Paloma and contribute to the cause:

Grab one of Tromba’s newly released DIY Paloma Packs and get mixing the tequila goods for superior cocktail making at home.

If you froth a tinny, Tromba has collaborated with Moon Dog to bring you a limited release Great Minds Pink Alike Hibiscus Paloma IPA.

Tromba and Curatif have you sorted with their ready-to-serve Tromba Paloma in a can, available for a limited time only.

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