Double the Darkness from 4 Pines’ Keller Door Project

July 18, 2016
By Alana House
4 Pines has released a Double Cascadian Dark Ale under its Keller Door small batch beer project. This limited edition beer has twice the intensity and darkness of your average ale and follows on from 4 Pines’ The Black Box of Dark Ales, made specifically for winter tastebuds.

This beer is robust and jam-packed with fresh hops from the West Coast of the USA. The name ‘Cascadia’ comes from the Cascade Mountain Ranges, which span the territories of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, western Idaho and northern California. It is a region that takes great pride in its hops.

Aside from double the darkness, this ale also has chocolate roasted carafa malt, citrus lemon and grapefruit. A 500ml bottle of this dark ale – made not for the fain-hearted – retails for $11 and will be available to the off-premise channel from mid-July.
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