Diageo Announces New Chairman of Bundaberg Distilling Company

December 1, 2015
By Alana House
Diageo Australia has appointed Anthony Mortimer as the new Chairman of Bundaberg Distilling Company (BDC). Mortimer joined the Australian business as Supply Director in July and will continue his role in conjunction with the new appointment.

In Mortimer’s new role as Chairman of the BDC, he will be responsible for advising on new liquid innovation and business strategy, as well as distillery operations and development plans. Mortimer will also be the face of the brand for fans and collectors, speaking at key events and connecting with them online through the Bundaberg Rum website to build passion and knowledge of the brand.

Mortimer started his career with Diageo in 2003 as a Commercial Business Manager looking after the independent retail channel. He later transitioned in to a customer operations role before taking on responsibility for all operations, sitting on the Australian executive team.

During this time, Mortimer developed a passion for Diageo’s supply business and in 2009 was appointed Site Manager of the Bundaberg Distillery. He was a key driver of the premiumisation of Bundaberg and the architect of Diageo’s investment in the Barrel House, which has put Bundaberg Rum on the international stage, producing globally recognised and award-winning rums.

In 2012, Mortimer moved with Diageo to Plainfield, Illinois where he became Operations Director for Diageo’s largest manufacturing plant in North America, which produces 40 million cases of Diageo product per year – four times that of the Australian business.

Mortimer brings a unique blend of commercial, customer operations and manufacturing experience to his new role as Chairman of the Bundaberg Distilling Company.

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