CUB bids a sad farewell to its Clydesdales

April 4, 2018
By Alana House

As three of its famous Clydesdale horses reach retirement age, Carlton and United Breweries has made the difficult decision to end its Carlton Draught Clydesdales program.

The final six Clydesdales are Murphy, Harro, Al, Parker, Hamish and Andy. Trainer Glen Pate (pictured above) is also stepping down after working with the horses for 34 years.

“With the retirement of Clydesdales Murphy and Harro, and in the near future Andy, CUB has decided that now is the right time for the Carlton Draught Clydesdales program to finish,” CUB corporate affairs manager Sabine Wolff told News Corp.

“The end of the Carlton Clydesdales program is really the end of an era,” Pate said. “I’m very proud that CUB has kept a working Clydesdale team longer than any other brewery in Australia.

“It’s been a real honour leading the Carlton Clydesdales for almost all my working life. They’ve brought so much joy to so many Australians.”

Since the 19th century, the ‘Clydies’ have been a much loved part of the CUB business. They originally worked as transport animals for CUB, transporting beer around the nation. When trucks took over the role, the horses turned to promotional work at sporting events and agricultural shows.

Wolff admitted staff were going miss the Clydies: “There are some very sad people around here. Everyone loves them because they are such beautiful and sweet natured animals.”

The company is carefully rehoming each horse with an appropriate family.

“Each of our Clydies has a special connection with the Clydesdales team members both past and present, so we’re working with their long-time manager Glen and the team to rehome each horse in the most caring and comfortable environment available, as befits our retiring legends.”

Watch the Clydies in action in an ad below:

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