Coopers release flagship Australian Lager with art installation

August 23, 2023
By Rachel White

Touted as one of the most exciting releases in the brewery’s 162-year history, Coopers celebrates the release of their flagship Australian Lager with an art installation representing their mastery of water, grain, yeast and hops.

‘First Drop’ by Coopers was unveiled at GAGPROJECTS Gallery in Adelaide earlier this week. The event, hosted by Coopers, took viewers on an immersive journey from artistic inspiration to tasting.

Michael Shearer, General Manager of Coopers Brewery, said the new release had been a few years in the making, and the result is a great-tasting lager in eye-catching packing he hopes is reminiscent of a summer afternoon.

“This will be our first lager featuring the iconic Coopers roundel, and we’re supporting its release starting with this fun and playful activation – ‘First Drop’ by Coopers.

“Australians love their lagers, and we wanted to create a modern Australian lager that is more flavoursome and contemporary compared with the traditional lagers in the market. We feel we’ve delivered on that with Coopers Australian Lager, and we’re confident drinkers will agree when they get their first taste,” he said.

Although better known for their Ales and Stouts, Coopers has a history with lager dating back to the 1960s, something Shearer said the brewery wanted to capitalise on.

“We’ve decided to double down with the release of Australian Lager and bring a new premium, great-tasting beer to the market to meet drinker demand.

“Coopers Australian Lager will be our flagship lager offering, rightfully taking its place among our permanent portfolio and featuring our iconic Coopers roundel. With 80% of beer volume sold in Australia being lager, we see this as a significant growth opportunity for Coopers, and we’re not holding back in its promotion,” he said.

The ‘First Drop’ by Coopers exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday 19 August, at GAGPROJECTS Gallery in Kent Town, Adelaide.

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