Chuck Hahn’s new ‘Chuck and Sons’ taproom opens this Saturday

May 15, 2024
By Ashley Pini

This Saturday, Chuck and Sons, the new brewery founded by brewing legend Chuck Hahn and his son Scott, will open its doors to the public. 

The new venture will see the international brewing celebrity Chuck Hahn exit from retirement to re-enter the game of crafting brews. 

Hahn’s illustrious career began in the early 1970s with Coors, where he developed the recipe for Coors Lite, America’s top-selling low-carb beer. After spending over 40 years in Australia, Chuck has become a celebrated figure in the brewing industry, known for his innovative approach to brewing. 

Now, he embarks on a new venture with his son, Scott. 

“I’ve been around beer my whole life, and Dad’s passion for brewing is infectious,” said Scott Hahn. 

“I originally went into business consulting, working for a big four accounting firm, in banking, and a bit of FMCG. I also worked at LION, gaining experience across risk assessment and sales. This felt like a natural progression.”

Chuck and Sons will offer a core range of beers that pay homage to Chuck’s expertise in classic styles. These include a Pilsner, Two Worlds Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, Hefeweizen, and a standout West Coast IPA. The West Coast IPA, notable for its velvety mouthfeel and refreshing taste, is crafted with Rye malt and boasts a 6.4% ABV.

Known for pioneering low-carb beer, Chuck continues to innovate. He teased the upcoming release of a Touring Radler, a refreshing 4.0% ABV beer, available both at the taproom and online. He also hinted at a future low-calorie option.

Visitors can experience Chuck’s latest creations exclusively at the taproom or through online orders at As the brewery scales up production, plans are in place to expand distribution to retail outlets.

Scott emphasized the importance of community engagement, stating, “we want to be a part of your beer rotation and one of the loved beers in your fridge. First, we need to get our production into full flow and sort out our wholesaling options.”

The venue, situated in the heart of Sydney’s inner-West craft beer scene, aims to connect with the local community and contribute to the established “Ale Trail.” “We’ve opened in the Australian heartland of craft beer, and the rising tide lifts all ships, so we are keen to lean into the energy. The local brewing scene has been supportive,” Scott added.

Chuck expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, saying, “There are many great craft beers out there, and brewers I’m really impressed by. With this brewery, we’re adding to and complementing that space with only the best. The beers I’ve spent more than 50 years perfecting. They’re refined, they’re sessionable, they’re my proudest work so far.”

He also highlighted the social aspect of the new brewery, stating, “Wine gentrifies and beer unifies. We’re opening something here that is all about the social atmosphere where people can connect.”

The taproom has an initial capacity of 160 people, with plans to expand. The food menu leans towards American cuisine, featuring spicy wings, burgers, and spicy cauliflower, with a standout steak sandwich made with rolls from a local Marrickville bakery.

Chuck and Sons is set to become a must-visit destination for craft beer enthusiasts and a cornerstone of the St Peters community. 

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