Casella joins the global Sustainable Wine Roundtable

July 18, 2023
By Rachel White

Casella Family Brands, Australia’s largest family-owned wine company, has joined the Sustainable Wine Roundtable (SWR), a global platform advancing sustainability in the wine industry.

As one of the country’s largest and most influential wine companies, recently named the World’s Most Powerful Wine Brand by Wine Intelligence for their Yellow Tail brand, Casella plans to drive global sustainability at the Roundtable through collaboration, accountability and information-sharing with fellow members.

The ninety-member-strong organisation acts as an independent collaborative platform to advance sustainability by developing tools that improve vineyard chemistry, labour standards, packaging, bottle weight and low-carbon logistics.

Libby Nutt, Global Marketing and Export Sales Manager of Casella Family Brands said the industry-wide initiatives benefit all, from producers to retailers.

“Casella Family Brands is thrilled to join the Sustainable Wine Roundtable and further our activities to address sustainability issues in the wine industry.

“We are proud to be working with members who share a similar vision in preserving the natural environment, respecting human rights and generating a passion to better the industry,” she said.

Sarah Bräude, Sustainability Manager at Casella Family Brands, who recently spoke at the Sustainable Wine Roundtable’s Global Climate Conference, said collaboration within the industry is key to making meaningful change.

“Working collectively will create numerous opportunities to increase global sustainable wine production standards and address pressing issues in this field.

“Casella Family Brands is thrilled to play an active role in future projects that directly support our sustainability values and advance sustainability in the wine sector,” she said.

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