Cape Mentelle’s old vines trump the world at IWSC London

November 7, 2023
By Melissa Parker

Cape Mentelle Vineyards, one of the founding wineries in Margaret River, has won this year’s esteemed Old Vine Trophy at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. It outshone renowned establishments from around the world, including Clairault Streicker, Hester Creek Estate Winery, Le Bertole di Bortolin, and Terre Paisible.

The Old Vine Trophy, organized in collaboration with The Old Vine Conference, is a testament to the efforts of producers like Cape Mentelle, who have been dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the significance of heritage vineyards and the preservation of old vines.

Following a rigorous selection process that featured some of the industry’s finest producers, Cape Mentelle emerged as the well-deserved winner of this prestigious award.

David Moulton, Chief Winemaking and Viticulture at Cape Mentelle, emphasized the vineyard’s holistic approach to preserving their old vines throughout the production process. He said, “Great wines are grown, not made. Our commitment to upholding our legacy is demonstrated through the continuous preservation of our old vines, which yield some of the finest wine not only in the Margaret River region but also in Australia and the world. This recognition is a tribute to the entire Cape Mentelle team, who celebrate our old vines by crafting the best possible wine each year. It’s a focus we’ve maintained throughout our history, and it’s gratifying to receive international recognition. We extend our gratitude to the IWSC and The Old Vine Conference for championing old vines worldwide.”

Cape Mentelle has consistently prioritized soil health and integrated innovative technology into traditional agricultural practices. Their sustainable methods include using their own recycled compost and efficient water management to maintain the well-being of their vines, ensuring old vines receive the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

In addition, Cape Mentelle employs cutting-edge technology, using drones to measure plant cells per square centimetre and radiometrics to assess soil moisture levels electronically. The vineyard’s commitment to preserving heritage plantings is evident through the establishment of a ‘nursery block.’

Cape Mentelle also implements a dedicated staff education program that nurtures a team of strong custodians deeply committed to preserving the legacy vineyards.

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