Buderim Ginger Releases Three New Ginger Beer Flavours

April 30, 2015
By Alana House
Aussie brand, Buderim Ginger, has announced the release of three new flavours to join its Ginger Beer range – Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer & Pear and Ginger Beer & Guarana.

The Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer has 60 per cent less sugar than the average Ginger Beer and is gluten free. Ginger Beer & Pear is also gluten free and combines Buderim Ginger’s famous ginger with the zestiness of pear. The last addition to the range will be the Ginger Beer & Guarana, which mixes an original Ginger Beer taste with an injection of fruity guarana. All three drinks are non-alcoholic, have no artificial colours or flavours and are made in Australia.

Each of these new products are available nationally, in a 250ml slimline can.

The Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer and Ginger Beer & Pear retail for $2.90, while Ginger Beer & Guarana retails for $3.40. Buderim Ginger distributes itself.
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