BrewDog goes green with new sustainable shared keg agreement

June 27, 2023
By Rachel White

Craft beer pioneers and multinational brewers BrewDog have announced a partnership with MicroStar Logistics to turbocharge their global reusable steel keg supply chain program.

MicroStar’s international division, Kegstar, will operate the newly expanded, long-term agreement of circular steel keg supplies to BrewDog-owned breweries in Scotland, Germany, and Australia.

Bryan Place, President of Kegstar, said the partnership, an extension of an existing relationship with BrewDog in the US, is poised for success as BrewDog enters a phase of “explosive growth”.

“Our proven keg supply chain programs are built for scale and growth… We’re excited to expand our operating partnership with BrewDog as we together tap into the benefits reusable PLUS shareable steel kegs deliver,” said Place.

James Watt, Co-Founder and CEO of BrewDog, said partnering with Kegstar was an obvious choice for BrewDog as they looked to expand their use of reusable steel kegs.

“As the leading pay-per-fill supplier with global reach across North America, UK, Western Europe and Australia / New Zealand, Kegstar was the natural choice for us as we looked to expand our use of reusable steel kegs.

“This new global partnership also supports our mission to use the most efficient, circular supply chain options available… MicroStar’s dense network of reusable, shareable kegs return our planet’s finite materials back to the supply chain more directly,” said Watt.

As part of this partnership, MicroStar will expand access to its growing network of shareable, Kegstar-branded kegs to breweries and beer distributors of all sizes throughout Western Europe and beyond.

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