Banks Botanicals non-alc spirit introduces Banks Citron and pledges 10 cents for every product sold to Bush Heritage Australia

October 13, 2023
By Melissa Parker

Australian distilled organic non-alcoholic spirits brand Banks Botanicals launches a new flavour,  Banks Citron, off the back of recent award-winning RTD releases; Banks Yuzu, Basil & Lemon, and Banks Italian Spritz.

This summer, the brand will give back to nature in a generous act of reciprocity for the botanicals it sources as the cornerstone of Banks Botanicals’ flavour profile.

Banks Botanicals will pledge 10 cents from every product sold to Bush Heritage Australia, a not-for-profit national conservation program committed to restoring and protecting Australia’s unique native flora and wildlife. 

Produced in Victoria’s Yarra Valley and co-founded by Yolanda Uys, Brian Cohen and Frank de Palma, Banks Botanicals is in continual growth. Uys says the company’s success confirms the shift in drinking habits and demand for non-alcoholic alternatives as more people choose to consume in moderation or abstain altogether.

“More people are looking for a drink that is sophisticated, non-alcoholic and taste-driven, yet still allows all of us to be part of the social moment,” says Uys.

Banks Citron is a citrus-forward blend made with five key botanicals: desert lime, lemon myrtle, white kunzea, sunflower seeds and Tasmanian pepperberry.

Uys says the formulation creates a non-alcoholic spirit ideal for the sober curious when mixed with soda or tonic and finished with a slice of lemon or lime.

“Desert lime and lemon myrtle create a citrus blast, while the white kunzea adds complex aromatic layers of eucalyptus and tones of honey,” says Yolanda. “The sunflower seeds bring a smooth, rich texture, and it finishes with the spice of wild pepperberry.”

Banks Citron is the brand’s second release after its first non-alcoholic spirit crafted with lemon myrtle, lime, pepperberry, cassia and wattleseed.

The new Banks Botanicals’ RTDs made waves at the recent SIP Awards in the USA. Banks Yuzu, Basil & Lemon was awarded Best Non-Alcoholic RTD. The RTD collection won two platinum and double gold medals.

Banks Botanicals can be purchased from the website, Dan Murphy’s and other bottle shops.


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