Yellow Tail Most Powerful Wine Brand

Australia’s most powerful wine brand

March 9, 2020
By Alana House

Yellow Tail has topped the Global Wine Brand Power Index for the third consecutive year.

The brand has widespread approval, and placed in the top 5 with consumers surveyed in Canada, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK and the US.

Yellow Tail wine brand

While there has been an overall decline in Yellow Tail‘s global brand awareness, the study found it has a strong connection score and a loyal customer base, which helped it to retain its top spot.

Jacob’s Creek was the only other Aussie wine brand in the top 10, coming in at No.4.

Jacob's Creek Reserve wine brand

However, the brand has fallen one place from Wine Intelligence’s report since last year, when it tied in 3rd position with Gallo.

Lindeman’s followed at No.11, up one place from last year.

Building on feedback from over 20,000 wine consumers in 21 markets – representing 380 million wine drinkers globally – the third annual Wine Intelligence Global Wine Brand Power Index is tracking decreasing consumer awareness levels, albeit at a less steep rate than the previous edition of the report. This year, recalled purchase levels are also lower, most likely a factor of reducing awareness levels.

Global Wine Brand Power Index

Commenting on the report, CEO Lulie Halstead said: “The advantages of a powerful brand are clearly demonstrated in the global wine market today. However the path to becoming a power brand is becoming harder, as consumer knowledge levels in the wine category decline and ‘noise’ from other drinks categories increases.”

Australia’s most valuable drinks brand

Last month, the 2020 Brand Finance Australia 100 report, revealed Australia’s most valuable wine brands.

New most valuable drinks brand entrants were Lindeman’s wine at No.50, Beringer at No.56, Wolf Blass at No.69, Yellow Tail at No.74, Penfolds at No.78 and Blossom Hill at No.81.

Jacob’s Creek also made the list at No.76, down from No.71 last year.

The report noted: “Six wine brands have entered the ranking this year, with five of these owned by Treasury Wine Estates.

“Following nearly a decade-long wine glut – significant oversupply of product – the sector is now entering a period of growth, largely thanks to the exports business boosting profits across the board.

Lindeman's wine brand

“The highest new wine brand entrant, Lindeman’s (brand value $774 million), in 50th position, is enjoyed in over 100 countries globally and produces the top selling Australian wine in three countries. Last year, the brand launched its first alcohol-free range in response to the decline in alcohol consumption, particularly in the millennial age bracket.”

Top 5 Most Valuable Drinks Brands

  1. XXXX
  2. Lindemans
  3. Beringer
  4. Wolf Blass
  5. Yellow Tail
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