Australian Hospitality Relief Fund halfway to achieving goal

January 17, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

The Australian Hospitality Relief Fund (AHRF) is close to halfway to to achieving its goal of fundraising $150k which will go directly to social enterprise programs that upskill, train and mentor newcomers to the hospitality industry. Orrsum Spirits have now come on board to drive awareness about this vital program and to support its fundraising efforts.

A portion of proceeds from Orrsum’s special release Single Barrel Bourbon from Barrell Craft Spirits will go towards generating at least $10K in donations as well as building awareness about the AHRF’s Tip Jar initiative. The bottles retail for $199 each.

Orrums Spirits’ John M Weifert says, “We are honoured to assist the team behind TipJar who so passionately support the community and the industry that supports us. Unfortunately, there has never been a more important time to lend a helping hand and we would encourage everyone to please make a small donation and maybe even purchase a nice Barrell Bourbon too! “

StreetSmart’s CEO Geoff Hills with Orrsum Spirits’ special release

Giving a tip, no matter how big or small, will help provide a life-changing opportunity for disadvantaged and marginalised people around the country.

TipJar endeavours to support the next generation in hospitality as AHRF educates vulnerable Australians to work in the hospitality industry and address the current skills shortage being experienced by industry. They say that social enterprise educational programs like SmartMeals and Scarf are vital to addressing the staffing crisis that is currently affecting our hospitality industry as well as being an employment opportunity for many.

StreetSmart Australia’s Partnerships Manager, Cynthia Mac Caddon, gives some context:

“The pandemic has severely impacted the hospitality sector workforce and we want to make sure there are pathways for the next generation of chefs, kitchen hands and other vital venue staff trained and ready, while also providing vulnerable people with the tools to be job-ready and lift themselves out of the cycles of poverty and homelessness.”

SmartMeals was established in March 2020 as an emergency response to COVID-19, providing nutritious meals for people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, while also keeping hospitality workers in jobs.

Ms Mac Caddon says, “Many restaurants jumped on board, to keep their visa holders employees working, and their kitchens open. Since these restaurants reopened their doors to normal trading, SmartMeals has continued to provide ready-made meals to vulnerable people, but now these meals are made by [people working] for food based social enterprises.

“Food security remains a challenge for many people unexpectedly made unemployed through COVID-19, and for people who were previously experiencing poverty and homelessness. Social enterprises cafes were hit hard by COVID and these partnerships are helping them rebuild and providing training to their vulnerable staff.”

Donors like Orrsum spirits, are helping us fund these programs that are training the future generation of hospitality, while giving vulnerable people the tools to be job-ready and lift themselves out of the cycles of poverty and homelessness. Do you have any images? Perhaps of Hewitt or Geoff Hills?See below.

Hewitt is one of the 2021 graduates from Plate it Forward, one of the social enterprise partners funded by SmartMeals.  He says that his Aunties and family applaud him every morning when leaves for work. He is the only person in his extended family to have steady employment.

Hewitt says, “Ability Social has meant everything to me. This is my first formal qualification and it feels pretty good to be working. My family are so proud of me and I can finally see a future doing something I enjoy.”

Orrsum Spirits are getting on board, releasing a Single Barrel Bourbon, from Barrell Craft
Spirits selected for TipJar. Orrsum will be providing donation support from each of the 200 bottles sold, directly to
the TipJar Fund.

Bottles of the Single Barrel Bourbon are now available via Orrsum Spirits. To find more information about TipJar or donate directly online click here.

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