Asahi’s new mid-strength offering as Soukai is retired

July 19, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Asahi Super Dry has launched Asahi Super Dry 3.5%, a new mid-strength beer with the unmistakable Karakuchi flavour of its full-strength counterpart.

Asahi says that its new mid-strength beer is a crisp and refreshing alternative to full-strength beer and, more likely to be recognised as a mid-strength offer versus Asahi Soukai, which it is replacing.

Asahi says, “Now, with Asahi Super Dry 3.5%, Australian beer lovers can enjoy the same crisp and refreshing taste they’ve come to love while moderating their alcohol consumption.”

Asahi Beverages says it is committed to providing more options for beer drinkers to moderate their alcohol consumption. Already, 29 per cent of Asahi Beverages’ beer sales are from no, low and mid-strength beer.

“Asahi Super Dry has continued to accelerate its growth in the Australia market,” said Monique DiGregorio, Brand Manager Asahi Super Dry. “With this growth, ensuring we have the right approach to our moderation portfolio is crucial. The transition of our mid-strength Asahi beer to the ‘Super Dry’ taste profile is a positive step locally and globally to achieve this.”

“This transition is also reflected in the name and packaging. We’re confident that Asahi Super Dry 3.5% will be enjoyed by anyone who loves the original but who is looking to moderate their alcohol consumption.”

The launch of Asahi Super Dry 3.5% in the Australian market will be supported by a campaign above the line across video on demand, out of home, digital and social channels from August 2022. The beer will be available through retail and on-premise venues

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