Ampersand Projects new Vodka & Espresso Martini in a can

December 21, 2023
By Melissa Parker

Ampersand Projects’ newest RTD product, Vodka & Espresso Martini in a can, launches just in time for the silly season and is just the ticket for post-Christmas lunch food comas.

Given the espresso martini is still one of Australia’s all-time favourite cocktails, retaining its position as one of the most ordered cocktails on-premise, it is a welcome addition to the at-home cocktail occasion or the go-to for summer parties, backyard barbeques and beach gatherings.

The team at Ampersand says it’s the world’s smoothest and creamiest espresso martini in a can and features Ampersand’s signature super smooth vodka with cold drip coffee. 

Delivering the perfect espresso martini at home is as easy as throwing the can in a fridge or esky full of ice, shake (not too much to prevent losing it all at the crack of the can) and serve in a chilled martini glass.

Leave the glass to sit for a moment and watch the crema form in the glass before your eyes.

This Drinks Trade team member put the Ampersand Vodka & Espresso Martini to the test and was impressed with the crema and the balanced quality coffee flavour and nice warm vodka hit.

Co-founder of Ampersand Projects Alex Bottomley said, “This was a natural progression following the success of our cocktail gift pack (Vodka Espresso & Shake) that has become popular over the last three years. 

“We wanted to bring an RTD version of the espresso martini to the market that was easy to drink and perfect to bring to a party or get-together.”

Bottomley says the RTD category continues to grow with more people making purchasing decisions based on convenience and occasion.

And it’s not just the Millenials embracing the cocktail in a can. Bottomly says the demographic is widespread and believes it to be between 25 and 45.

While RTD convenience is essential, quality is more so. Consumer expectations of ready-to-drink cocktails is a bartender-quality serve.

Bottomley said their research revealed that the RTD espresso martini market consisted of boutique and premium-priced brands with very strong coffee flavours. Ampersand’s vision was an approachable espresso martini accessible to all, both in palate and price.

“We wanted to deliver a product easily enjoyed by a mainstream audience, not wanting an overpowered coffee flavour but instead a nice balanced espresso martini that can be enjoyed anywhere. Simply chill and shake and serve,” says Bottomley.

Each 200ml is ABV 7% alcohol RRP: $29 per 4-pack at BWS, Dan Murphy’s and independent retailers.

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