Altos Tequila’s Festive Rescue Mission

December 18, 2023
By Melissa Parker

When it’s Margarita time this festive season, Pernod Ricard’s Olmeca Altos Tequila ensures nobody will go lime-less through home delivery of Emergency Lime Baubles by Uber Eats.

Revelations from the brand’s research show that nearly two-thirds of consumers find themselves lime-less when concocting Margaritas at home.

In response, Altos has embarked on a mission to “save” Christmas for Margarita enthusiasts by urging them to swap their Christmas baubles for Emergency Lime Baubles.

Kristy Rutherford, Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard, said, “Our mission is to shine a cheeky spotlight on a key consumer insight whilst reinforcing Altos’ credentials as the world’s #1 tequila for Margaritas.

“Altos has a reputation for pioneering innovation in the tequila category, and this launch is no exception, going to great lengths to help Australians avoid a ‘citrus crisis’ this summer.”

In a collaboration with Uber Eats, 15,000 Altos Emergency Lime Baubles will be dispatched to doorsteps across Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Melbourne (upon spending $10 on Uber Eats at participating Harris Farm stores in Sydney, Brisbane, or Gold Coast or at participating IGA stores in Melbourne*).

Comedian Jimmy Rees headlines the campaign, declaring, “As Australia hits peak Marg season, Altos has come up with an ingenious way to save the country’s favourite cocktail with Altos Emergency Lime Baubles.

“Just replace your current useless Christmas tree baubles with an Altos fresh lime bauble, and ta-da! You’ll avoid that ‘where the ** is the lime?’ moment during those at-home Margie emergencies.”

To commemorate the launch, Altos has set up an experiential activation at Sydney’s iconic Clovelly Hotel (‘The Cloey’) for five nights, starting from December 18th to Friday, December 22nd.

The venue will be adorned with lime-themed creative elements, including a lime media wall, a towering six-meter Christmas tree decked with fresh limes, and an additional 3,000 complimentary Altos Emergency Lime Baubles (along with heavily discounted Altos Margaritas).

Reality TV personalities Krissy Marsh and Nicole O’Neil from Real Housewives of Sydney will personally distribute Altos Emergency Limes during the launch event on Tuesday, December 19th, starting at 5 pm.

Krissy Marsh said, “Like diamonds and housewives, lime and tequila are the perfect partners. We certainly hope Aussies enjoy the very best in everything, including Margaritas, this summer.”

Altos, conceived in 2009 by two globally renowned bartenders and a Maestro Tequilero with the mission of creating the perfect tequila for margaritas, continues to showcase its commitment to innovation and elevating the at-home cocktail experience.

*Spend $10 with Harris Farms or IGA on Uber Eats and opt-in to get 5 free limes from the 18th-21st January. Participating locations, Harris Farm Markets: Bondi Beach, Potts Point, Rose Bay, Mosman, Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Isle of Capri (QLD), Westend (QLD). IGA: Toorak Road, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne.

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