Adelaide Lands Beer, Whiskey and Spirits Conventions for 2017

February 7, 2017
By Alana House

Adelaide is set to host both the World Whiskies and Spirits Conference and the Australian Craft Brewers Conference (ACBC) this year. The events will give the region, best known for its wine, the opportunity to show its diversity as a rapidly growing spirits and craft beer producer.

Since its establishment in 2006, the World Whiskies and Spirits Conference has only ever been held in Scotland, London and New York. Seeking a Southern Hemisphere destination and attracted to South Australia’s healthy agriculture and viticultural industries, organisers have arranged for events to be held in Adelaide not only this year, but also for 2019 and 2021.

World Whiskies and Spirits 2017 in Adelaide is set to be the first ever gathering of spirits and whisky industries throughout the Asia Pacific region and will include analysis of local and international product, design, sales and marketing trends. 

Ken Bromfield of World Whiskies and Spirits Conference said, “Adelaide’s existing drinks industry along with its trends toward spirit production made it an ideal destination for the first World Whiskies and Spirits Conference outside the UK and USA. 

“That we’ve committed for three events over six years speaks volumes about how excited we are to bring global leaders in the industry to what we feel will be an increasingly important destination for the genre.”

ACBC is among a host of the Australian Craft Beer Industry Association’s (CIBA) events to be held in Adelaide this July, including its trade expo and the 2017 Craft Beer Awards. The events are expected to bring around 500 industry representatives and top craft beer brewers to the region.

CIBA’s Executive Officer Chris McNamara said, “Brewers from across Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia join together at the conference and trade expo to learn and build important networks. 

“The growth of the ACBC reflects the quickly growing marketplace for craft beer and is a sign of our high brewing standards and the regard with which the Australian craft brewing industry is held.”

CEO of Adelaide Convention Bureau Damien Kitto expressed immense excitement to host the events.

“The Adelaide Convention Bureau is thrilled these two events have chosen Adelaide as their host destination. South Australia’s wine regions are of course internationally famous – what’s not so well known is our rapidly increasing craft beer, cider and spirits industry.

“Agriculture is a massive contributor to the state economy which apart from export, lends itself perfectly to local spirit and cider production. Local investment in the drinks industry across beer, cider and spirits is exceptionally healthy and we’re producing some fantastic world class products.”



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