A familiar and friendly Italian arrives in Australia

May 11, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Ask any Italo-Australian about Spumante and they’ll equate their memories of the drink with an Italian wedding surrounded by family, or to milestone moments enjoying bubbles with friends. That’s the thing about Bosca – everyone who knows it connotes it with toasting important life events.

Bosca has represented Italy’s most renowned drinks brand for almost two centuries. And now, these famous, premium bubbles, as well as wines and aperitifs, have arrived in Australia.

Spumante is a sparkling wine that originates from the city of Asti, in the region of Piemonte in the north west of Italy.

Polina Bosca is a sixth generation production, PR and marketing manager, and says about the iconic status of thew family wine:

“Bosca has an almost 200 year tradition in sparkling wine making. Since the first decades of its birth, the Bosca family has put passion, love and total respect into its production all over the world. We have always felt a great connection to people living near and far from us. Having the courage to go abroad gives us the chance to consistently go beyond ourselves, bringing new products that give a different prospective to wine consumers.

“We have evolved into a company that gives the possibility to our consumers to enjoy very traditional Italian products,” Polina adds.

“We think the fact that we are a small family guided company still thriving across six generations who are consistently innovative makes us appealing to many people.”

Bosca Asti Spumante is an iconic brand making its return to Australia from the oldest Spumante house in the world. And it’s a true reflection of what Asti Spumante should taste like, according to Roberto Dessanti, Sydney based importer from the company Euro Concepts (aka ‘The Wog With The Grog’) of this brand.

“Bosca Spumante is easy to drink, smooth and fun, something perfect for a lunch with your best friends and family, something that puts you immediately in a happy and sparkling mood. Its fresh and floral bouquet and bubbles is truly delightful to enjoy,” says Polina.

“Thanks to a constant research of new and different products, we re-style the experience of the Italian Spumante. Our consistent past allows us to create the most innovative evolution of traditional products so as to continuously surprise our consolidated customers and to attract those new consumers eager to join our sparkling world”, she says.


Bosca Asti Spumante isan authentic product of the the gentle hillsides of Piemonte, originates from white Moscato di Canelli grapes, ripened in the hot summer sun. The grapes are harvested almost exclusively by hand, delicately pressed and carefully turned into wine only as needed, in order to maintain the unmistakable flavour of this unique grape intact in the wine.

It’s taste is fresh and fruity with a harmonious sweetness, fizzy with bubbles and stimulated by light notes of peach, almond and citrus.

Pure and unforgettable, this wine offers a true taste of the richness of the enchanting Piemonte region, and is the proud holder of the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG). The alcohol content is of Bosca Asti Spumante is: 7.5%

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