Your favourite cocktails bottled by Starward and ready to drink

June 11, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Starward Whisky is bringing the deliciousness of your favourite bar to your own home. Starward’s new bottled cocktails are ready to splash, sip and savour, wherever you want to take them with less fuss and more flavour.

Host in style without the hassle or the hunt for niche liqueurs. Starward’s new bottled cocktails contain award-winning whisky and carefully chosen locally sourced ingredients. These cocktails are portable, giftable and very, very drinkable!

With three cocktails in the line-up, (New) Old Fashioned, Coffee Old Fashioned and Whisky Negroni, Starward’s new range answers the growing consumer demand for delicious, high quality pre-batched cocktails, that are ready to enjoy at home.

Starward Founder, David Vitale said each cocktail was created in close collaboration between their distillers and bartenders who patiently fine-tuned each recipe.

“Coming from the foodie capital of the world, we’ve always intended our rich and fruity whisky to shine in a cocktail at leading bars and restaurants. With our batched cocktails, I wanted to create something convenient, consistent and well-crafted that we can all bring to parties and the dinner table. It makes sense that the best craft whisky in the world should make the best cocktails in the world, and I am so excited to share the talents of our whole Port Melbourne team – from bartenders to distillers – with these ready to serve whisky cocktails,” said Vitale.


The dinner party starter and judged as the world’s best pre-mix cocktail*. Starward’s twist on the Old Fashioned is a distillery-batched cocktail, patiently perfected. As any bartender will tell you, a good Old Fashioned is notoriously difficult to get right. But fortunately for us, Starward has expert bartenders and whisky-makers under the one roof.

Starward’s award-winning whisky with distillery-made wattleseed syrup and zingy orange bitters is balanced for a mellow spicy-sweetness. This no fuss, new world take on a classic cocktail will let you indulge your tastebuds without having to play bartender all night. Simply pour over ice and serve with an orange twist.  

*Named the ‘World’s Best Premix’ and ‘World’s Best Contemporary Cocktail’ at the 2020 World Premix Awards in London.


Starward’s take on a classic, with a caffeinated kick.

Australians care about coffee. So Starward went to the experts at Mr Black. Their cold brew coffee liqueur is a bartender’s dream. Starward whisky muddled with distillery-made orange bitters offer spicy, zesty balance. Pour over a large cube of ice with a twist of orange peel to garnish.


 An untouchable classic with a contemporary twist. Starward has balanced its juicy and delicious whisky with carefully considered vermouth and liqueur.

Traditionally an Italian aperitif, Starward’s Whisky Negroni is a distinctly Australian twist on the classic Boulevardier cocktail. Starward took its bold, Melbourne-made whisky, aged in red wine barrels and matched it with delicious, sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur, locally crafted in Victoria.

Starward’s Whisky Negroni is balanced yet bold. You’re hit with herbal orange aromas before juicy orange and sour cherry floods your palate. Simply serve with ice and garnish with an orange peel.

With 10 serves in each bottle, Starward’s bottled cocktails are available in a 500mL bottle for RRP $49. Available nationally in all Dan Murphy’s stores, in select BWS, independent retailers and on from June 2021.

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