The Hungry Yak; yaxi

Yaxi: the new, hairy way to get to the pub

November 1, 2019
By Alana House

Melburnians now have a new way to The Hungry Yak’s pop-up pub, with the introduction of a free Yaxi on the city’s iconic Yarra River.

The Hungry Yak; Yaxi

The yak-inspired mode of transport will see Yak Brewing completely transform a water taxi with fur and horns to ferry hungry punters along the Yarra River to get a feed at Riverland Bar.

The Hungry Yak’s takeover of the Melbourne houses the country’s five best pub meals from today until November 6.

The venue is the culmination of Yak Brewing’s hunt for Australia’s best pub meals, which saw the public nominate their favourite dishes across five iconic pub meal categories.

The pub meals on offer include:

• Best Pub Chicken Parmigiana – Sabin Maharjan, The Birmingham Hotel (Fitzroy, VIC)

• Best Pub Steak – Beat Ettlin, The Royal Hotel Queanbeyan (Queanbeyan, NSW)

• Best Pub Burger – Megan McCulloch, The Henson (Marrickville, NSW)

• Best Pub Fish & Chips – Richard Slarp, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel (Watsons Bay, NSW)

• Best Pub Pork Ribs – Brenton Philp, The Pier Bar (Cairns, QLD)

Yak Brewing Marketing Director Chris Maxwell said: “As the weather warms up, we thought …what would make The Hungry Yak dining experience even better? The answer, a Yaxi! So, we made one.”

To score a free seat on the Yaxi and a trip to The Hungry Yak, punters need to arrive at South Wharf Floating Landing, with trips departing on the hour, every hour, between 4pm and 8pm daily.

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