Yalumba Magnificent Unknown

Yalumba launches new Samuel’s Collection three-year campaign

September 5, 2019
By Alana House

Yalumba has launched a three-year campaign titled ‘The Magnificent Unknown’ to build premium brand awareness of its Samuel’s Collection.

The national campaign will be seen in cinema, Foxtel, playback TV, Connected TV, Out of Home street furniture and retail proximity, and across all digital channels.

Created by Special Group Australia, it helps bring to life the quality and inspiration that has driven the business for more than 150 years, dramatising the planting of the first ever Yalumba vine, by founder Samuel Smith, in the middle of the night.

“Once we heard the story of the first vine, we knew that not only did it perfectly demonstrate the brand’s philosophy but it would allow us to create something dramatic, visceral and unlike any other wines out there,” said Special Group Australia ECD Julian Schreiber.

“The journey of Australia’s oldest family owned winery is one where many of its leaders have taken courageous steps into the ‘unknown’,” said Director of Marketing and Communications Nicky Gameau.

“The campaign gives the audience an opportunity to connect with a timeless emotion: the ambition to do something bold. In an extremely cluttered category, the premium wine drinker needs something they can believe in. The story needs to be authentic, relatable and memorable”.

Yalumba Samuel's Collection

The three-year investment will also be brought to life in stores and venues across Australia in order to reconnect with premium wine shoppers at the point of purchase.

“We are building mental availability of Yalumba’s Samuel’s Collection amongst premium wine drinkers and capturing them at the moment of purchase with out of home activity close to venues,” said Nicky.

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