Results from World Whiskies Awards shine spotlight on diversity of Australian and world whisky

March 22, 2024
By Cody Profaca

The results for the 2024 World Whiskies Awards, presented by the Whisky Magazine, have been announced this week following the Magazine’s annual gala event. This year’s results have highlighted the increasing diversification of whisky, with an English distillery taking home the coveted award of the World’s Best Single Malt. It also brought to light the growing depth of quality whisky production within Australia, with 12 different distilleries taking home best of category – Australia awards.

Australia’s Best Single Malt was awarded to Lark Distilling Co for its Fresh IPA Cask. The no age statement whisky, bottled at 46% abv, was described by the panel as featuring: 

“Aromas of clementine, raspberry sour beer, and sour cherry, leading to an oily palate with notes of chocolate and funky fruit juice. The medium-long finish brings notes of apricot and liquorice.”

Lark was also awarded the award of best Australian blended Malt – no age statement for its Symphony No. 1. It was one of only two Australian distilleries to receive multiple Best of category – Australia awards, falling behind Hellyers Road Distillery who led Australia in three categories. 

“This marks more global recognition for the excellent quality of whisky coming out of Tasmania,” said Jeremy Rockliff MP, the Premier of Tasmania. 

Hellyers Road received ​​Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt for its American Oak 16 Years Old, Best Australian Blended Limited Release for its Dark Harmony, and Best Australian Small Batch Single Malt for its Voyager Cask.

“Receiving these prestigious global accolades is a moment of immense pride for us,” said Derek Charge, CEO and Managing Director at Hellyers Road. 

“It not only highlights Tasmania’s rich legacy of distillation expertise but… justifies our faith in both mastering and building up Australia’s largest stock of aged whisky.”

In addition to its three Best Australian Category Winner Gold accolades, Hellyers Road received an additional Category Winner Gold, three silver medals and six bronze medals. Head Distiller Fiona Coutts says that customers should expect more aged whiskies from Hellyers Road in the near future.

“I can assure whisky connoisseurs we have much, much more aged stock of equal or greater quality in our barrels that is set to come to maturity in the coming months and years,” she said.

Below is a full list of Australian category winners:

Australian category winners:
  • Rye | No Age Statement: Backwoods Distilling Co., Shiraz Cask, 46% 
  • Blended | No Age Statement: Coastal Stone, Xplore, 40% 
  • Small Batch Single Malt | No Age Statement: Eden, Folklore – Double Oak, 50.4% 
  • Single Cask Single Malt | 13 to 20 Years: Hellyers Road American Oak 16 Years Old
  • Blended Limited Release | No Age Statement: Hellyers Road Dark Harmony
  • Small Batch Single Malt | 13 to 20 Years: Hellyers Road Voyager Cask
  • Single Cask Single Malt | No Age Statement: Hillwood Whisky, Peated Sherry Cask 150, 60.5% –
  • Single Malt | 12 Years & Under: Iniquity, Talamara, 40% 
  • Single Malt | No Age Statement:  Lark, Fresh IPA Cask, 46% 
  • Blended Malt | No Age Statement: Lark, Symphony No. 1, 40.2%   
  • Single Cask Single Malt | 12 Years & Under: Sullivans Cove, American Oak 2nd Fill TD0452, 50% 
  • Rye | 12 Years & Under: The Gospel, Legacy Rye, 56%
  • Pot Still | No Age Statement: Transportation Whiskey, The Journey Single Cask Cask Strength, 57.6%
  • Small Batch Single Malt | 12 Years & Under: Waubs Harbour Distillery, Waubs Original, 43%
  • Single Cask Single Rye | No Age Statement: Whipper Snapper, Rye, 48%

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the World Whiskies awards was the winner of World’s Best Single Malt, The English Sherry Cask. Founded in 2006, The English is England’s oldest distillery, reflecting the relative infancy of the category. Thus, the accolade presents a significant opportunity for the expansion of the English whisky category. 

Below is a complete list of the World category winners:

World category winners:
  • World’s Best Single Malt: The English, Sherry Cask
  • World’s Best Small Batch Single Malt: Mosgaard, Moscatel Cask
  • World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt: Glen Scotia, Cask 637 Refill Bourbon Barrel
  • World’s Best Blended: Ballantine’s, 30 Years Old
  • World’s Best Canadian Blended: Gibson’s Finest, Venerable
  • World’s Best Blended Limited Release: Three Ships, Master’s Collection 12 Years Old Double Wood Blend
  • World’s Best Blended Malt: Dewar’s, Double Double 37 Years Old
  • World’s Best Pot Still: Redbreast, 21 Years Old
  • World’s Best Bourbon: 1792, 12 Years Old
  • World’s Best Finished Bourbon: Breckenridge, Port Cask Finish
  • World’s Best Small Batch Bourbon: Laws Whiskey House, Four Grain Bourbon Cask Strength
  • World’s Best Single Barrel Bourbon: Four Roses, Single Barrel
  • World’s Best Tennessee Whiskey: Uncle Nearest, 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey
  • World’s Best American Style Whiskey: FEW, American Straight Whiskey
  • World’s Best Grain: Bain’s, Founders Collection 15 Years Old
  • World’s Best Single Cask Single Grain: The Octave Premium, Strathclyde
  • World’s Best Rye: Millstone, Founders Reserve 10 Years Old Rye
  • World’s Best Single Cask Single Rye: Proof and Wood, Tumblin’ Dice Single Barrel Rye
  • World’s Best Corn: Ironroot Republic, Hubris
  • World’s Best Wheat: Lone Elm, Single Barrel
  • World’s Best New Make & Young Spirit: Anohka, This is Not Whisky Heavily Peated Single Malt Spirit
  • World’s Best Flavoured: Stillhouse, Peanut Butter S’mores Whiskey
  • World’s Best Design: Shirakawa, 1958

A full list of results can be viewed here.

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