Wild Turkey heeds the call of the wilderness

December 1, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Nine months ago, Doron and Stephanie Francis, founders of Australian outdoors brand Homecamp received a phone call out of the blue from Wild Turkey in the US. Ms Francis is not quite sure how they heard about Homecamp. “Maybe through Instagram?” she wonders but the company was calling with a mission.

Wild Turkey’s Creative Director, Matthew McConaughey, wanted their help. He enlisted the couple to craft a one one-of-a-kind tent to get Australians off their screens and out under the stars and into the wild, while giving thanks to those who work tirelessly to protect it. 

Homecamp got to work quick smart and have since created 150 bespoke two-person tents and matching cooler bags which are available exclusively in Australia and open for pre-order now. One hundred and forty-nine of the tents are on sale for $950 each and the last tent will be auctioned off with all proceeds going tocharity partner, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.

It’s all part of Wild Turkey’s  With Thanks initiative. ​Mr McConaughey’s vision was not just to design a tent, but to craft a camping experience that inspires Australians to disconnect and escape to the wilderness while doing their part to protect it.

The Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit tents come built-in with Matthew McConaughey’s very own narrated campfire stories that can be unlocked via a QR code on the tent’s exterior. 

“No one knows the Australian wilderness better than Aussies themselves,” said Mr McConaughey in a video presentation at the Wild Turkey give thanks event held in Sydney on Tuesday.

“During my time in Australia, I was always in awe of the deep level of knowledge and appreciation Aussies had for the great outdoors. That’s why, Wild Turkey and Homecamp have come together to create an experience that reminds us why we all need to go back into the wilderness sooner and more often. Because when you’re in the wild, you can always trust your spirit,” he said.

Wild Turkey launched its new premium range of RTDs, The Discovery Series, exclusively in Australia in Extra Aged Vanilla Oak Spiced Cola and Extra Aged Spiced Honey Soda.

Mr and Mrs Doron quit their city jobs to create Homecamp, purveyor of honest, quality camping gear.

“In the same way the Russell family trusted their spirit for generations to create Wild Turkey, Doron and Steph also crafted an experience, not just a product. That’s the kind of conviction we’re talking about,” said Mr McConaughey.

Working with Homecamp, McConaughey carefully designed each element of the tent, from the layout down to the individual colour selection. It comes complete with a matching cooler bag to keep your Wild Turkey Discovery Series cans chilled while on the go, a bespoke quote ‘Check out to check in’ on the front door and its own unique batch number (like a true bourbon whisky). The tent beckons you to get back out under the stars, guided by McConaughey’s distinctive voice to set the scene.

Paolo Marinoni, Marketing Director, Campari Australia and New Zealand remarks, “Year-on-year the With Thanks initiative in Australia sees Wild Turkey and its Creative Director shine a light on the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife for the work it does in conserving the wilderness for future generations. Aussies are known to be trailblazers at heart, with a spirit that urges them to explore the great outdoors. 

“Through this year’s initiative, Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey wanted to inspire Aussies to give into this urge and trust their spirit. The Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit tent helps get people back into the bush while giving thanks to our charity partner, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife. For that, we also thank Stephanie and Doron Francis, and Matthew McConaughey, for making this all possible.” 

The Wild Turkey x Homecamp Trust Your Spirit tent and cooler bag come as a set at $950.00, available for pre-order from 1 December 2021. Head to wildturkey-thanks.com.au to learn more about this year’s With Thanks initiative and order one of 150 limited-edition tents.

The Discovery Series is now available at all First Choice Liquor Market stores, as well as select Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Liquorland and independent retailers, with an RRP of $27.99 per four pack. 

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