What Does the UK Have to Say about Cider?

March 19, 2015
By Alana House

Thoughts from John Logue, Global Customer Marketing Manager – Rekorderlig Cider

When the ‘Magners effect’ (serving packaged cider over ice pioneered by Irish cider brand Magners) re-invigorated the UK market back in the late ‘90s, nobody envisaged, that 20 years later in 2015, the category would still be growing.

Today the most recent UK data from CGA shows the cider category still in value growth and worth over £2.8 billion – over $5 billion!

The growth in the UK is still being driven by premium brands as the consumer continues to invest in brands with equity and authenticity. Along with the premium trend in purchases, the UK consumer is still very much in love with flavoured cider – a category in double-digit growth. In the UK on trade, over half of all cider consumed is now flavoured.

The UK is very much seen as the leader in global cider as it is arguably the oldest market in this most recent cider renaissance, but more importantly it is by far the largest.

At Rekorderlig Cider, we have always been passionate about being innovative and modern. Both in the UK and across the world, there is an abundance of riches when it comes to artisan or traditional styled ciders. The combination of traditionalists, as well as the modern entrants to the market, offer the consumer a diverse and exciting category to explore and we are thrilled to be a leader in the later group.

Cider has very much become part of consumer’s repertoires over the last 12-18 months in Australia and consumers are continually being drawn into the category through new flavours, as well as the introduction of bigger pack formats in the apple and pear categories.

At Rekorderlig Cider, we concentrate on continuing to offer consumers a premium choice that extends consumption occasions and alongside the development of our latest flavour Pomegranate, we have also looked to utilise our fantastic brand equity into the growing apple and pear market.

Firstly, we have looked to recruit more male consumers into the category with the 330ml ‘from the bottle’ occasion launch of our exciting Rekorderlig Dry Äpple. This cider was designed to be a drier addition to our flavour range, but that still retains the classic premium Rekorderlig taste. We feel it is the slightly higher tempo version of our more relaxed flavours.

To further develop the phenomenal multipack can growth and add value to the consumer and retailer, we will be introducing something a little different with an influence of our European heritage in March…so watch this space!

I’m often asked if the Australian market will follow the UK one in terms of growth trends and consumer habits, and while we are seeing some of the same trends develop around the world, including the de-seasonalisation of cider, there are however, nuances within every market, and Australia is no different.

The UK and Australia consumer shopping and consumption behaviours can be different as they shop in different licensed environments and climates, however, they do also have many things in common. Most notably is that they both love quality products, they both love brands, and most importantly, they both love great tasting ciders.

As a global brand, we are able to look across all our markets and react quickly to the changing habits of our consumers, but more importantly we can share the great innovation and fantastic history we have as a brand.

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