WA independent liquor retailers strengthen their voice

September 16, 2019
By Alana House

The Master Grocers Australia and Liquor Stores Association WA have announced they are working together to support the independent liquor industry.

The memorandum of understanding is designed to further strengthen their business and working relationship, with the aim of delivering a more secure and sustainable retail sector for independent packaged liquor store owners.

Earlier in 2019, MGA Liquor President George Kovits, MGA WA Director and WA retailer, Ross Anile and MGA CEO Jos de Bruin, met for discussions with their LSA WA counterparts, Chair, Lou Spagnolo and LSAWA CEO, Peter Peck.

MGA CEO Jos de Bruin said: “The successful meeting confirmed the two organisations, are very much aligned to supporting its family and privately-owned retail businesses and delivering a national support framework which will benefit all members. There is no ambiguity as we do not represent the interests of big business!”

LSAWA Chair Lou Spagnola said: “The two organisations both recognise the important role each plays in the retail and packaged liquor industry. Working to our obvious strengths we will strive to deliver to our members a more secure retail sector and a more diverse packaged liquor industry in Australia”.

They added in a joint statement: “By both organisations committing to a Memorandum of Understanding and recognising that our members and associations independence is respected, our purpose to develop a strong sustainable national independent package liquor industry sector will be further strengthened, benefiting all our independent retail and packaged liquor members in WA and nationally, around Australia.

MGA Liquor President, George Kovits said: “This initiative will drive certainty and confidence for our 1200 members selling packaged liquor, enabling stability and security for their businesses and families into the future”.

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