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Victoria cuts RSA red tape

October 2, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

 This week the Victorian government announced that hospitality workers will be able to complete their Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training program online. It is one of the many changes being made by the state government to reduce red tape and make it easier for Victorians to have their RSA certification recognised nationally.

The decision was warmly welcomed by Andrew Wilsmore, CEO, Alcohol Beverages Australia who said: “We applaud the decision by Victoria to move RSA training online and importantly recognise any other jurisdiction’s RSA qualification with the simple completion of a free online refresher course.”

Andrew Wilsmore CEO ABA

From Monday 12 October 2020, anyone with an RSA obtained through face to face or online training from an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in a state or territory outside of Victoria will be able to complete the free online RSA bridging course to have their qualification recognised. 

Victorian RTOs accredited by the Commission can now deliver the nationally accredited RSA training course – as an approved initial RSA course – and from Monday, 12 October, RTOs can deliver RSA training online with prior approval from the Commission.

However, for Mr Wilsmore, twenty years on from when COAG recommended that states and territories achieve a nationally recognised RSA certificate, there is still a way to travel.

 “The half million Australians working in hospitality, retail and tourism who serve beers, wines and spirits are required to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol qualification, but many states and territories won’t recognise a certificate issued in another jurisdiction,” he said.

“This means hospitality workers will often have to re-sit at their own or their employers expense a largely similar training course if they relocate. A winemaker, brewer or distiller wanting to showcase their product will often have to sit a number of tests and have several RSA certificates just to conduct tasting events across the country.

“We encourage other states and territories to mirror the Victorian move and remove a cost and barrier to industry employment.”

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