Victoria Bitter tea

Victoria Bitter releases beer-flavoured tea

July 29, 2019
By Alana House

VB is calling on cricket fans to put down their English Breakfast and brew some Victoria Bitter Tea instead.

We double checked and it’s definitely not April 1 … Yep, a limited-edition tea really has been developed using the brand’s iconic hops and premium black tea leaves, and has been formulated as the perfect accompaniment for the countless fans staying up to cheer on Australia as they take on the Poms in England. 

And the tea has proven so popular it’s sold out within hours of going on sale, but a VB spokeswoman has assured fans it will be restocked ASAP.

Available (hopefully) to purchase online through Victoria Bitter’s merchandise store, the tea features the distinct aromas and taste of Victoria Bitter, matched with all the qualities you’d come to expect of a premium cuppa.

There are 24 tea bags to each $10 box because it’s like a slab, but it’s tea.

So, while fans are in their jammies giving it to the Barmy Army, VB Tea will help them tackle the late nights and early mornings, ensuring they don’t miss a wicket. 

Watch the hilarious ad for it below:

Victoria Bitter Marketing Director, Chris Maxwell, said: “We know how much Australians love cricket, and the long hours and sleepless nights they put themselves through whenever there’s a series in the UK.

“So, we wanted to reward their hard work in supporting Australia by creating the perfect alternative to English Breakfast to sip on, as we go to battle with the Poms in what’s sure to be a hard-fought series.  After all, there’s no time to snooze – especially if the Poms are losing.”

Victoria Bitter tea

Victoria Bitter Tea is available to purchase for $10 (excludes delivery) for a limited time online at

VB encourages responsible drinking. so Victoria Bitter Tea contains zero alcohol … but it does smell and taste just like a schooner.

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