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Upstreet technology turning Mighty Craft customers into shareholders.

January 20, 2021
By Kylie Le Lievre

Mighty Craft venues has announced an exciting partnership with Upstreet offering share rewards to its customers.

Upstreet is a new Australian technology platform and free mobile app pioneering Fractional Share Rewards in Australia, meaning you earn shares as you shop.

Through Upstreet, Mighty Craft’s venues are the first in Australia to offer fractional shares in Mighty Craft Limited (ASX:MCL) with every purchase at The Mighty Hunter Valley and The Mighty Moonee Ponds.

In a nutshell, customers can ‘own their local’.

Mighty Craft has embraced the new technology and designed and launched Share Reward Programs for its two venues in New South Wales and Victoria, The Mighty Hunter Valley and The Mighty Moonee Ponds.

To participate, customers download the Upstreet app and link their bank account to earn fractional shares in Mighty Craft with each purchase automatically. All purchases will earn fractional shares in MCL equalling 2% of the transaction value.

Managing Director and CEO of Mighty Craft, Mark Haysman, says “I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and never seen a rewards program like this. I think it’s a great opportunity to truly reward our customers and treat them like a part of the family, which is how we see them anyway. They’re a huge part of the reason we succeed so why not reward them with a stake in our company.

“We’re a big fan of innovation and believe that if you reward customers with share ownership, you can create “True Loyalty”.  Customers usually hold the shares for an extended time, and we believe that this type of share ownership will build a long term, lasting relationship between Mighty Craft and our customers.”

Co-founder and CEO of Upstreet, Christian Eckelmann, says “This past year has been a whirlwind, and we’re really proud that ASX-listed brands like Mighty Craft see us and become interested in our mission. We love that Mighty Craft gets behind rising craft beverage brands from unique Australian makers and helps them bring their dreams to life.”

Mighty Craft’s Share Reward Program is now live on the Upstreet app. Before deciding to participate, customers should read the product disclosure statement and consider obtaining advice from a professional financial adviser.

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