Tutti Fruiti and Ranga Tang Tang: Batlow Cider gets creative

March 15, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Batlow Cider has released its new product range Batlow Blended is a series of unique and exciting fruit and spice driven varieties of hard apple cider, including three fresh new flavours.

  • Tuti Fruiti, which is a combination of apple and tropical fruits
  • Ranga Tang Tang, a combination of apple and fresh ginger and
  • Big Red, inspired by homemade apple pie and made from apple and cinnamon.

The new creations are the perfect beverage for at-home entertaining and an antidote to the isolation that 2020 brought upon Australia – with the vibrant tasty flavours, Batlow wanted to inject fun into the mix for anyone hosting some friends in the backyard and sharing good times.

The Batlow Blended range reflects the brands commitment to leading the way in the product innovation space. Unlike other fruit-flavoured and hard ciders, Batlow Blended is made from fresh crushed Batlow apples and only contains natural, quality ingredients.

Batlow Cider was formed as a joint collaboration between the Batlow Fruit Co-operative and Sydney based Coombes brothers who are committed to maintaining their roots by supporting local growers.

Batlow Apples is comprised of family-owned orchards and remains grower owned. Twelve months on from the devastating fires that ripped across the country and burnt through the town of Batlow, slowly rebuilding the community has been a big part of the company’s vision in the development of Batlow Blended.

Sam Coombes says, “To know that we are supporting the town of Batlow through the purchasing of apples makes the product development process hugely satisfying for us.”

Drawing reference from craft beer trends and inspired by heritage Australian cues, the contemporary packaging and design reflects a 90s coastal feel.

Coombes says, “We want to recreate the good vibes of a simple Aussie life. The flavours bring upon a sense of nostalgia and we really just want people to have a good time even if they are at home. Get your pals together, put on some music and sit out the back in the sun.”

The ciders are gluten free and vegan friendly, delivering excellent value at 8% per can. Batlow Blended will be available nationally via BWS and Dan Murphys stores and via select bars, pubs and restaurants.

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