Tough new drink-driving laws nab 10 drivers a day

June 17, 2019
By Alana House

More than 230 drivers have lost their licences since zero-tolerance drink-driving laws came into effect in NSW on May 20.

Roads Minister Andrew Constance said: “This attitude that low-range drink-driving is a slap on the wrist is wrong.

“Since these changes came into force, 230 people have had their licences immediately suspended. That’s 230 people who don’t get it.

“Your driving is impaired and you are putting yourself, and others, at risk. There are no more excuses. This is about saving lives.”

Under the new drink-driving laws, first-time, low-range drink drivers will be stripped of their licences for three months and receive a $561 fine.

Beyond low-level offences (0.05-0.07 BAC), mid-range offenders (0.08-0.149 BAC) will be forced to fit an alcohol interlock in their cars. High-risk, repeat offenders face vehicle impound or licence plate confiscation.

A low-range reading applies to drivers with a blood-alcohol concentration of between .05 and .079. Previously, only those with a reading of .08 or higher were issued an immediate licence suspension and low-range offenders could drive up until their court date.

Craft beer putting unknowing drivers at risk

Victorian police have warned craft beer fans to take care when imbibing at microbreweries, where brews can have alcohol percentages of 9-10%.

“I pulled over a bloke the other day who swore he’d only had one beer but he blew 0.043,” Frankston Sen Sgt Phil Hulley told The Herald Sun. “I believe him when he said he only had one but people just have to be careful.”

Red Hill Brewery head brewer David Golding said his staff always warn customers what the percentage of the beer is when they order.

“We also restrict the glass size, for example we won’t serve a drink with a percentage of 7% in a pint — instead we’ll serve the beer in a pot to reduce the standard drink size,” he said.

Driver of $500,000 sports car allegedly six times over the limit

A 51-year-old Melbourne man won’t be getting behind the wheel of his McLaren 720S any time soon after being caught last week driving with an alleged blood alcohol level of .296.

Drink-driving McLaren 72OS

Police were called when the driver allegedly clipped a building on Chapel Street, South Yarra at about 3pm last Tuesday, while trying to park his car.

His licence was immediately suspended following a breath test at a local police station. Licence suspension for a blood alcohol limit of .15 or more in Victoria begins at between 15 and 24 months for a first offence.

He is expected to be charged on summons for drink driving and other traffic-related offences.

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