Tiger Crystal

Tiger Beer launches all-new Tiger Crystal

November 12, 2019
By Alana House

Tiger Beer has launched Tiger Crystal, an easy-drinking, light lager brewed with all-natural ingredients.

The beer is brewed using a unique Crystal Cold Filtration brewing process, which filters it at a crystal cold temperature below zero degrees locking in all its most desirable and purest flavours and aromas and presented in a crystal clear bottle.

According to Tiger Beer this makes it perfect for the Australian climate as it is a smoother and lighter beer that delivers on flavour and is highly refreshing.

The release taps into consumer demand for more sessionable, easy-drinking beers that are still great tasting.

“Tiger Crystal is an exciting new product variant for Tiger Beer created as the ultimate heat refreshment and brewed with a pale lager malt and a unique combination of hops,” said Judd Michel, General Manager, Drinkworks Australia.

“It is a smooth, yet full-flavoured beer with a subtle, fragrant taste, specially brewed to quench the thirst of the Australian market for a refreshing, sessionable, light and premium beer. We’re really excited to be launching the vibrant and dynamic Tiger Crystal brand in Australia and encourage consumers to uncage their next refreshment.”

Tiger Crystal

Described as a premium brew, Tiger Crystal comes in a 330ml clear glass bottle and has an ABV of 4.5%, as compared to the regular Tiger Beer with an alcohol level of 5%.

The new release is launching now in Liquorland stores and other selected on and off premise venues.

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