Three shades of rum for summer

December 7, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Bacardi has a rum for every occasion this summer including Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Spiced or the newly released Bacardi Mojito RTD.

Bacardi was founded in 1862 in the city of Santiago de Cuba, by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó who revolutionised the spirits industry when he created the light-bodied rum with a particularly smooth taste.

Bacardi is one of the world’s most awarded rums bursting with flavours from orange blossom, lavender and rose, and is mixed with apricot, light coconut and ripe banana.

Bacardi Carta Blanca is ideal for mixing and has inspired cocktail pioneers to invent some of the world’s most famous recipes, from the Bacardi Mojito, to the Bacardi Daiquiri and the Bacardi Piña Colada.

Today, Bacardi rum is made mainly in Puerto Rico where it is crafted to ensure the taste remains the same as it did when it was first blended in 1862.

Bacardi Spiced is an aged rum and with a hint of smokiness from charred American oak barrels and blended with natural flavours and spices for a bold, yet smooth taste. With upfront notes of creamy delicious vanilla, woody and subtle honey through the mid-palette, and a natural cinnamon and nutmeg spice finish, it is perfect with cola or ginger beer for extra spiciness.

Finally, for picnics and convenience,the RTD Bacardi Mojito combines the sweetness of the Caribbean with fresh lime, mint flavour and sparkling soda water. Made with all-natural flavours, real ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, the Mojito RTDs are high-quality, always fresh, fun and full-flavoured at 4.8 per cent ABV.

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