This flavoured rum, it packs a punch

June 21, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Bacardi has launched two new flavours, Coconut and Raspberry bursting with all natural flavours and incredibly easy to drink, and requiring minimal effort to make them at home.

Bacardi Coconut boasts an intense yet appetising creamy coconut flavour with a refreshing coconut water aroma; while Bacardi Raspberry features an intense infusion of citrus and raspberry, creating a mouth-watering sweet yet tart finish.

With an approachable ABV of 32 per cent, both Bacardi Flavours are bold and bright while remaining remarkably smooth and refined, deriving its exquisite taste from all natural flavours.

Like other flavoured rums in the Bacardi range, Bacardi Coconut and Bacardi Raspberry begin with a base of Bacardi white rum and are infused with all-natural coconut and raspberry flavours. The white rum uses a special rum blend from Maestros de Ron to create a light base for the sweet coconut and crisp raspberry flavours. The rum and fruit flavours are then left to marry, with purified water added for completion.

With a rich fruit flavour and gluten free, both flavours can easily be added to classic rum cocktails like the Piña Colada and Mojito or enjoyed mixed with your favourite juice or soda for an easy, delicious, and low-calorie beverage.

“As the world’s most awarded rum brand with more than 158 years in the business, consumers consistently turn to Bacardi for quality and delicious options. The flavour segment is an exciting area for the brand to play, after having watched the growth in flavoured spirits closely overseas we see it as a massive opportunity for Bacardi and for Australian consumers,” said BACARDÍ Brand Ambassador, Loy Catada.

“We’re delighted to be able to provide our trade with a host of new options, from the world’s most awarded rum brand.”
Bacardi Coconut and Bacardi Raspberry are available for a suggested retail price of $49 per 700mL bottle via Dan Murphy’s and all major retailers.

Make the cocktails at home or sample the cocktails at some of Bacardi’s favourite venues:

  • Sydney: Rosie Campbell’s will be serving a Raspberry Colada and Coconut Jalapeno Daiquiri, The Keel in Sydney will be offering a Coconut Daiquiri and Inner West favourite, Jacoby’s Tiki Bar, will be serving The Big Kahuna – including Bacardi Coconut and caramelised banana liqueur – yum!
  • In Queensland, head to The Star Gold Coast for their delectable Coconut Daiquiri and Frozen Raspberry Daiquiri or Friday’s Riverside for a Bacardi Splice.
  • In Victoria, the Rum Diary Bar Fitzroy will be whipping up a delicious Coconut Piña Colada.
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